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Surviving An Attack

From our Real Estate Agent Learning (REAL) Program

Real Estate Agent Being Setup For Attack
Real estate agents can quickly find themselves in a bad situation.

With recent violent attacks on real estate agents being displayed in the news media, we felt it was important to highlight steps that can be taken to stay safe.



Mental preparation can take on many forms. You already practice one form of mental preparation each time you meet with a client. You are preparing your sales pitch. You put yourself in their shoes, trying to figure out what you can do to make the home seem like a good idea to buy.

But you can try an alternate form of this as well. Try looking at your marketing and the home from a criminal's point of view. What might make you look vulnerable? What might seem like good locations to trap you in? What type of valuables may they consider stealing? Put yourself in their shoes and see what you can do to make it seem like a bad idea to target you.

You should also prepare yourself for the reality that predators do not think like you and I. Do not assume that you can always talk your way out of a situation. In some cases, physically defending yourself will be necessary. If this happens, look for the first opportunity to escape. Do whatever it takes to create that opportunity. Use any means that you have at your disposal, including weapons of opportunity; heavy objects to hit the attacker, kitchen knives, and anything else you may see that could halt the attack.

REMEMBER: Security is about layers of protection.


Another layer of security you can add is to physically prepare yourself for an attack. Taking some form of self-defense class or training is highly recommended. Good training will focus on physical techniques to temporarily stop an attack so you can escape, not teach you how to stand and fight with an attacker. BEWARE OF GIMMICK TRAINING THAT FOCUSES ON OVER-COMPLICATED TECHNIQUES.

Many people opt to carry self-defense tools for personal protection. Popular self-defense tools include; pepper spray, stun guns, firearms, and knives. Whatever tool you choose get professional training. Good training should teach you how to properly use the tool, as well as common reasons for lack of effectiveness. The biggest mistake people make is not learning how to use their self-defense tool of choice under duress. Remember that having a tool with you does not magically stop the attack. Only effective application under less than ideal conditions can accomplish this.

Hopefully you will never be in this type of situation, but with proper preparation, you can be prepared to survive.


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