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About The Founder

Michael Cox - Founder / Training Coordinator
Michael Cox is the founder of Safe Insight.  He spent over a decade working as a police officer where he also served as the lead firearms instructor for his department, as well as providing civilian instruction at local ranges and gun stores.  In addition to national certifications, he is also recognized by Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, and Arizona as a state certified instructor.
Michael’s motivation has always been to provide more than just ritual training to individuals.  He seeks to bring information alive through his unique teaching methods that combine patience, humor, and a genuine concern for each student.  While most instructors can TELL you what to do, Michael creates original ways to SHOW you what works and why it works.  This enables students to truly learn new things, rather than just memorizing them briefly.
It was this motivation to help others that created in him the desire to take an early retirement from law enforcement and bring his teaching style to other safety related fields.  Since that time, he has also mentored other instructors, demonstrating the benefits of a caring, compassionate teaching style.  Michael proudly calls this teaching style Safe Insight.
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