Terms of Service Agreement

I am authorized by Local, State, and Federal laws to possess and/or discharge a firearm. 

I am seeking to use firearms in a legal manner.   

By using Safe Insight LLC, including www.safeinsight.net, I am proclaiming that I am legally able to possess and/or discharge a firearm in accordance with Local, State, and Federal laws.  

By using Safe Insight LLC, including www.safeinsight.net, I am agreeing to be responsible for my own safety with firearms.  I understand that Safe Insight LLC teaches safety rules, but I agree that safe handling is ultimately my responsibility and I therefore agree to hold Safe Insight LLC and all of its affiliates blameless and without liability for any injuries, damage, death, and/or any other negative consequences of my actions with a firearm.

I understand and agree to abide by the 4 Universal Firearm Safety Rules at all times:

    1) All firearms are always loaded

    2) Always keep your finger off the trigger until your target is within your sights

    3) Never point a firearm at anything that you are not willing to shoot and/or destroy

    4) Always be sure of your target, the backstop, and beyond

I understand that mechanical safeties do fail at times, and therefore agree that safely handling a firearm is solely my responsibility.  I agree to hold Safe Insight LLC free of liability or blame for any negative consequences of my actions and/or encounters with firearms.

I understand that Safe Insight LLC, including www.safeinsight.net, is provided as an educational service.  I understand that no guarantees can be made on my personal abilities with a firearm. 

I understand and agree that all information provided by Safe Insight LLC, including www.safeinsight.net, shall be used by me at my own risk.  I agree that Safe Insight LLC shall not be liable for my personal use of any information provided.


I understand that Safe Insight LLC and www.safeinsight.net make no claims to be a legal service and that any legal information provided during the training must be verified to ensure that it is in harmony with laws in my local jurisdiction.


I agree to hold Safe Insight LLC and www.safeinsight.net harmless for any information that I choose to use based on their training.

I understand that no refunds are available over 30 days after purchase.  Funds shall remain available for use up to one year.

By posting Content, I warrant and represent that I either own or otherwise control all of the rights to that Content, including, without limitation, all the rights necessary for me to provide, post, upload, input or submit the content, or that my use of the content is a protected fair use. I agree that I will not knowingly and with intent to defraud provide material and misleading false information. I represent and warrant also that the content I supply does not violate these Terms, and that I will indemnify and hold Safe Insight LLC, including the website www.safeinsight.net, its author, and agents harmless for any and all claims resulting from content I supply. I further represent and warrant that the comment is not spam and does not advocate violation of the law.  I further grant Safe Insight LLC, including www.safeinsight.net, its author, assignees, and agents license to reproduce, display, and edit my submitted Content.

By using this website, I agree to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Safe Insight LLC, including www.safeinsight.net, its author and owner, agents, volunteers and others working on behalf of Safe Insight LLC, from and against any and all claims, losses, costs, attorney’s fees, damages, or injury including death and/or property loss, expense claims or demands arising out of or caused or alleged to have been caused in any manner by my use of Safe Insight LLC or the website www.safeinsight.net

I agree that by using Safe Insight and the website www.safeinsight.net, I shall be further bound by the provisions outlined in the Safe Insight Waiver of Liability as follows:

1) PARTIES INCLUDED: The participant understands that this agreement includes Safe Insight, its partners, employees, members, directors, officers, instructors, and agents, whether paid or volunteers, and the owner of the structure(s) and/or land utilized for firearms shooting activities (hereinafter collectively referred to in this agreement as Safe Insight).

2) ASSUMPTION OF RISK: The participant is fully aware that firearms shooting activities and all associated activities are inherently dangerous and contain inherent risks and dangers (including serious injury or death), that no amount of care, caution, instruction, or expertise can eliminate. The participant knows and understands that the participant alone is fully responsible for every shot that the participant fires and where that bullet lands/stops. The participant knows and understands the scope, nature, and extent of the risks involved in the activities contemplated by his/her agreement. The participant voluntarily, freely, and unconditionally chooses to incur any and all such risks and dangers.

3) EXEMPTION FROM LIABILITY: The participant hereby fully and forever discharges and releases Safe Insight from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, and causes of action whatsoever arising out of any damages, both in law and in equity, in any transportation to the shooting range, training, and shooting activities including not only the participants actual shooting time but any activity the participant engages in while participating in training, including but not limited to walking between bays, berms, or stages and waiting for the participants turn to shoot or while watching others shoot, or resulting from the negligence of Safe Insight or from any other cause or causes.

4) COVENANT NOT TO SUE: The participant agrees, for him/herself and his/her heirs, executors, administrators, distributes, guardians, legal representatives, or assigns, not to institute any suit or action at law, or otherwise, against Safe Insight, nor to initiate or assist the prosecution of any claim for damages, or cause of action, which the participant, his/her heirs, executors, or administrators hereafter may have by reason of injury to the person of the participant or to his/her property arising from the activities contemplated by this agreement.

5) INDEMNITY AGREEMENT: The participant agrees unconditionally, for him/herself and his/her heirs, executors, administrators, distributes, guardians, legal representatives, or assigns to indemnify and hold harmless Safe Insight from any and all losses, claims, actions, or proceedings of any kind which may be counsel fees incurred by Safe Insight, the participant, and indemnified parties, or any of them, for the defense of any such actions which may hereafter arise directly or indirectly from the activities of the participant while engaging in activities contemplated by this agreement.

6) CONTINUATION OF OBLIGATIONS: The participant agrees and acknowledges that the terms and conditions of the above provisions, including ASSUMPTION OF RISK, EXEMPTION FROM LIABILITY, COVENANT NOT TO SUE, and INDEMNITY AGREEMENT shall continue in full force. The agreement shall be effective not only for the participant's first shooting activity but for any and all subsequent shooting or training activities in any way associated with Safe Insight.

7) MODIFICATION AGREEMENT: This agreement cannot be modified orally and a waiver of any provision shall not be construed as a modification of any provision herein, as a consent to any other provision herein, or as a consent to any subsequent waiver or modification.

8) HEALTH CAPABILITIES: The participant currently has no physical or mental condition that impairs his/her capability and the participant is fit to fully participate in all firearm shooting activities.  

9) LEGAL CAPABILITIES: The participant has no legal prohibitions against his/her possession, control, or use of firearms.

It is my express intent that using SafeInsight.net shall be construed as a Release that shall bind the members of my family and spouse, if I am alive, and my heirs, assigns and personal representative(s), if I am deceased, and shall be deemed as a Release, Waiver, Discharge and Covenant Not to Sue Safe Insight.


By using www.safeinsight.net I acknowledge, represent, and certify that:

A. I have read the foregoing agreement, understand it, and agree to be bound by it;

B. I am not under the influence of alcohol, drugs, and/or any other mind altering substance;

C. No oral representation, statements or inducements, apart from the foregoing written agreement, have been made;

D. I am at least 18 years of age and fully competent; or I am under the supervision of a fully competent adult;

E. I execute this Release for full, adequate and complete consideration fully intending to be bound by same.

Class Purchases: All class purchases may be refunded or transferred up to 7 days prior to the scheduled class date.  No refunds are permitted within 7 days of a scheduled class.  No transfers or re-scheduling of a class is permitted within 72 hours of a scheduled class or qualification.  A cancellation fee may apply for any changes requested during this time.  For online training, a "scheduled class" shall begin once any link is clicked on that is part of the training.  All class purchases within 7 days of the scheduled class will be final.  No refunds when using referral coupon codes (ex. REFER25).  These sales are final due to the fact that checks are issued.  

CCW Certifications: Safe Insight makes no guarantee that a student will qualify for a CCW after receiving their certificate.  It is up to the student to verify their eligibility for any CCW they are receiving training for.

Online Classroom: To ensure proper retention of the information, all Online Classroom work, and any live-fire qualification (when required), shall be completed within 60 days of purchase and/or registration.  If any portion of the required work takes longer than 60 days to complete, the student shall be required to purchase the class again in order to complete the qualification portion.  

By completing the paperwork associated with any class, you expressly agree to allow Safe Insight to use your contact information, including email address and phone number, to contact you for future marketing purposes.  Safe Insight maintains a strict privacy policy and will not share your information with outside marketers or individuals.  

All Online Classroom purchases INCLUDE a Safe Insight Online Classroom Membership Initiation Fee of $99.99 for setup.

I understand that Safe Insight LLC, and www.safeinsight.net reserve the right to change, at any time, the Terms and Disclaimers under which this website is offered. I am responsible for regularly reviewing these Terms. My continued use of the website constitutes my agreement to all such Terms and Disclaimers.