Frequently asked questions

How can you learn about CPR online?

Online training, when correctly created, can be one of the most effective ways to learn. It allows you to go through each section at your own pace, as well as return to sections that you did not thoroughly understand. Combined with the fact that online training requires the student to be activley engaged, this form of learning helps people to retain information much more effectively than sitting in a classroom.

Don't I need to practice rescue breaths?

The CPR / First Standards adopted by the American Heart Association and others as of 2015 no longer teaches students how to perform rescue breaths. CPR is now performed with only chest compressions. This has found to be just as effective and much easier to teach. The only time your certification will require rescue breath training is if you are being certified as a professional health care giver, such as a doctor or nurse.

How long is my certification good for?

Your certification is good for one year. Safe Insight provides the highest quality training, and part of that is ensuring that our students retain the information. Most certified CPR training recommends annual recertification.

Will this certification be recognized?

The Safe Insight CPR / First Aid Certificate is widely recognized. It is valid for nearly all employer requirements.

Aren't there "free" CPR Certification courses offered online?

BUYER BEWARE! Many of these are "bait-and-switch" tactics. Once you complete the "free" online course, you are required to pay a standard course fee in order to get your certificate. Many of these courses are also not effective because you simply read and answer questions. Quality training costs money to produce.