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Preventing Lead exposure At The Range

Preventing lead exposure at the range

When you go to the range for a day of shooting, lead is all around you. With this comes the increased chance that you will suffer from lead exposure. Lead is called the "silent enemy" for a reason. It is very hard to detect, and therefore, many shooters do not give it much thought. So where is lead found?

Lead is found in and around the firearms because of the ammunition. There is lead when you load the ammunition. Lead goes into the air when you fire a round. Lead gets in your hair and on your skin. It also sticks to your clothing and the bottom of your shoes when you walk on it. So how can you protect yourself at the range?

  • Eat at the range

  • Drink at the range

  • Smoke at the range

  • Put your hands in your mouth at the range

  • Wear a hat to prevent lead from getting in your hair

  • Wash your hands, face, and any other exposed skin

  • Use cold water and soap to help the pores close allowing lead to fall off

  • Blow your now to get rid of any excess lead that was inhaled

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