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Trigger & Cable Locks

Depending on your situation, trigger locks and/or cable locks may offer a secure form of storage for your firearms. When using this type of lock, the gun is not kept out of the hands of unwanted individuals. However, it does prevent unwanted use of the firearm. This is accomplished by rendering the gun incapable of normal operation.

With a trigger lock, a locking mechanism is placed through the trigger guard. There is no way to access the trigger without first unlocking the mechanism. This can be accomplished with a key or combination similar to most padlocks. The difference is that it is designed to fit securely within the trigger guard.

A cable lock prevents any cartridges from being loaded into the chamber for the firing mechanism to strike. One precaution you should be aware of, DO NOT place a cable lock directly through the barrel. This can cause damage to the lands and grooves inside and affect the performance of your firearm.

Cable Locks Should Not Be Placed Directly Into The Barrel
Cable Locks Should Not Be Placed Directly Into The Barrel

On a revolver, you can use the cable lock to prevent the cylinder from closing. The cable can be placed through any two chambers inside of the cylinder. It is important to note that on some revolvers, placing the cable through only one chamber would still allow others to be used. Placing the cable through two different chambers will prevent this from happening. On many revolvers you can also consider simply placing the cable through the frame where the cylinder is seated.

For semi-automatics, the cable should be run through the chamber and magazine well. This prevents the slide from being able to fully cycle into battery (the condition where the slide is seated in a fully closed position). By doing this, you prevent any rounds from being loaded into the chamber, rendering the firearm inoperable.

How you store the firearm is something that only you can decide. But it is imperative that you give careful consideration to the 4 goals of safe storage to help make the best possible decision for you and your family.

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