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Property Safety

Everybody knows that it is important to keep a log of your personal property for insurance purposes.  This log should include: item, serial number, value, photos, and any other descriptive information.

Unfortunately, most people don't take the time to inventory their personal belongings until after something bad happens!

Here at Safe Insight, we have made the process simple.  Just click on a Personal Property Log below.  Next, find the first item you want to enter and input the basic information.  Once this is complete, you may either upload a photo you already have.  For added convenience, you may complete this form on your smart phone, then simply take a picture of the item.

Once you complete the form, you will immediately receive an email containing a PDF of your items that you input.  This allows you to electronically store the information should you ever need it for insurance purposes in the future.  Since we do not collect any personal identifying information, your records are safe.  How simple is that?  Go ahead, give it a try now!

Part Of Our Innovative Safety Training Program

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